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Video Work

In my video work, I aim to bring events, groups, and people to life with documentary-style filmmaking.


The end products I create are lively, engaging, and customizable to your needs, whether you need fast-paced montages, interviews, or simply some high quality footage. 


I have a lot of experience in turning locations and events into entertaining videos. So no matter what video work you need, I'll be happy to work with you!

Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 8.38.36 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 8.39.48 AM.png
Above is stills from a Nyack Halloween Parade event video, which features a group of Thriller Dancers. 

Creative Work

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 5.55.06 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 5.56.15 PM.png
Above is stills from a music video created for the song Blacksheep by Angus Wayne.

In my creative work, I film, direct, edit and/or manage any type of film, music video, dance video, or any other content in a way that stands out.


Like my video work, I also have a lot of experience working on and making my own artistic productions. But now, I'm ready to work with you!


The projects I work on come in many different sizes and lengths, whether it's a quick two hour shoot or multiple days. But no matter the scale or purpose of your creative project, I'll help bring it to life. 

All work can be watched in the Gallery section.
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